Surtr or Duel skills banner for arena and AR

Which characters are a better investment for competitive modes like arena and AR? Surtr or Helbindi/Laegyarn? I only have 116 orbs so I won't be +10ing Surtr anytime soon. My current arena core is +9 Sheena, +10 Gwendolyn, +10 Masked Marth, and +10 Duel Infantry Lachesis.

I want duel fliers eventually for Caeda or Aversa. I have one of each Helbindi and Laegyarn, but I want to keep one before foddering since I'm a collector.

Asked by Ronin_30001 week 3 days ago


by Nilla 1 week 3 days ago

Surtr is better for score inflating,anything with duel skills are better for supporting while maintaining a reasonable score.


To be honest I think Surtr and Aversa are the best SUPPORT units ever (regarding babysitting arena bonus units).

Aversa for obvious reasons.

Surtr not only because of the debuff but also because of the 20 passive damage. This is AMAZING really. Just have Surtr stand beside your bonus unit while he baits the other team.


Aversa would be the best support unit if not for her hp condition, she can reach 51hp with R duel flier at +10, which makes her tome work only against enemies with 48 or less hp, you can't use an hp increasing seal as they don't score that well, and even with hp+5 as seal she just reaches 56 which will still be not that consistent as armors with refined weapons will easily reach over 55hp


Not true. Go check the most common armor threats in arena. Most of them have prf weapons and have less HP than that. And very often they go with -spd or -hp bane. *Most* opponents that really matter will be affected by her.

Also a few things to consider:
1) You can use a HP increasing seal just fine. Not HP+5 but HP/Res 2. This is not the max score seal but, depending on the rest of your skills, you can probably maximum score potential with this. Hell you can do it even with HP 5. Check this example of a maximum score team, including an askr trio bonus unit:
You will see that changing his S seal to the max SP cost possible will not change your score.
2) If you are worried that a few threats will not be affected by her debuff, you can giver her summoner support. 61 HP will be more than enough to panic anything that is worth worrying about.


I prefer giving the SS to the bonus unit.
I tried to use her in AA so many times and she never gets close to being able to use her tome effect, I have merged all the copies of her, using her default A slot and Hp/res seal and she is able to activate her tome on one or two enemies If I'm lucky, and my AA team scores 750 point at max, trust me I tried.
One of the reason is that in high tier arena most of the team you go against will have a +10 legendary hero and often people swap prf weapons for an armor Slaying weapon in that score range


That is not my experience. I am in tier 21 btw (not every week but sometimes I am able to stay in) and my AA team scores 760+

She doesn't debuff everything, but I have been successfully using her to significantly affect the outcome of some AA fights (and AR, she is amazing there)

But she has like 1 merge now... At +10 and summoner support you can debuff virtually anything that is worth debuffing IMO

Regarding SS on her VS the bonus unit. I too prefer giving it to the bonus unit BUT, if you find that you are unable opponents that are difficult to deal with your current bonus unit, then it will be easier to defeat them by giving SS to Aversa instead. Having panic+debuff is a HUGE difference.


Also note that surtr is easymodo for all game modes. I use him rn as bonus unit and he kills everything, regardless of unit type or color, just by standing there. He also has only 300FP skills and highest bst if you get a superboon so he's basically the maximum that is currently possible.


by arth 1 week 3 days ago

Surtr should be in a tier of his own. Gamepress should update a new tier call God tier. He kills everything. I also disagree with gamepress supporting a boon in his ATTACK stats. It should go to his superboon defense stats or resist stats. His weapon already do 20 damage he need to bulk it out till player turn. Funny when you see physical attack bounce off him and magic attack barely scratch him. Then they all die on player turn.


He is easy to kill with the appropriate magic attacks really.
Too bad you can't have any sort of appropriate counter in tier 21 arena, unless you are lucky enough to have very specific +10 non armor units with duel skills... If you don't... good luck killing him with Anna, Fjorm or Sharena!

For arena assault/aether raids he is not really a problem though.