Summer Linde B-Slot

I have literally no idea what to give her.
I’m using her with her prf weapon so no need for Desperation. She currently has LnD3 and Glimmer as well as atk smoke as her C-slot and Spd Smoke as her seal so she defuffes -7 to everyone.
I’l struggling with the B-skill (I don’t have chill def nor spd). Dull ranged maybe? What is useful in this slot? We’re so used to desperation we forget about the rest :D

Asked by Hugo-Zinzin4 months ago


Maybe a breaker skill? Sword breaker to render the Mid-40s speed sword units of Arena.


Just for clarification sake, S!Linde doesnt have a Prf weapon, those have different arena weight and are uninheritable (think aldonite) and Prf skill are the same thing (think black Luna)

As far as B skill goes why not Brash assault? If you're in the HP threshold then you'll get guaranteed doubles, or a breaker skill, cancel affinity or guard, preference. Dont think daggers have that good of a role in t20 arena without firesweep, but CA is a good option for PvE or lower tiers where you see TA as the go to budget skill, QR / vantage are also options, but I dont think linde is taking hits all that well anyways