Summer Cordelia

I was lucky enough to get a +Atk -Def Summer Cordelia (my main target alongside Noire, no luck) with the last of my 100 orbs after a +HP -Spd Summer Tana. I'm thinking:

Shell Lance+ (+Spd)
Ward Cavalry
Heavy Blade (if it's free)/Close Defense/Atk+3/Spd+3

When initiating combat her stats would be HP 46, Atk 54, Spd 46, Def 29, Res 23 before buffs. I'm really impressed by her stats to be honest. She'd be a basic Fury and buff powered sweeper but her speed (44 when not initiating) and her physical bulk of 73 letting her take a hit to get to Desperation range. Any improvements (other than L&D)? Opinions on Shell vs Slaying Lance would be appreciated.

How's everyone else's luck on the banner?

Asked by Galaxia98 months ago


I only wanted Summer Cordelia. I got her after spending 9 orbs. But luck had a -Spd +Res Cordelia for me. Still not mad, I just wanted her and forget the banner until the Legendary Hero arrives.

With a +Atk -Def, I would even try to build her like her Flying counterpart: firesweep lance, heavy blade and galeforce. Even Life and Death.

Horse mobility can't compete against flyer, but in half of the maps this build can be amazing.

In Shell Lance VS Slaying it depends on the use. Shell os more player phase oriented and Slaying more roundabout/special dedicated.


I hadn't though about Firesweep. Looking at my flying Cordelia at 5*+5 she has base stats of 37 Atk and 40 Spd, only 2 more each compared to unmerged Summer Cordy. I'll run her with her Shell Lance initially and see who she does as a primarily player phase but mixed phase capable unit, her speed being her bulk, and try Firesweep and Life and Death if I think she can do better.