For those who didn't see (like me), the summer banner units have been leaked! Enjoy! (scroll down)

Asked by soultorrent2 months 4 weeks ago


So disappointing... Maybe the second banner will have my Beach-Comber Anna!

Are you kidding me? I have to swallow all the bad content from Awakening and Fates all these months and now I cant have my sexy summer Tana and Innes? WHAT A JOKE! xD

Tana and Innes are only 2 units, Beach-Comber Anna would have fit nicely in place of Cordelia (a "Metal Detector"* could be a spear).

*if the Summoner can have a gun Anna can have a metal detector... or she could be a mage unit with a Treasure Map.

...Why in the hell is Cordelia getting another seasonal? And she's riding a horse? She went from riding a pegasus to regular horse? What?

Noire?! NOOOO

In all seriousness, it kinda looks disappointing. Hard skip for me.

Same this banner is quite hard for me to skip all because of waifus (I'm looking at you Noire).

BUT, ill wait untill the Legendary banner first, so I can actually save a bit of orbs, im currently tying to get another B!Lyn.

Lol they realized they get more money if they include three girls-one guy instead of two apiece.

At least it's not another Chrom. But Innes is one of my few guesses along with Ephraim.

Tana's hairstyle threw me off hard. Looks so much like a veil in one of her artworks (damaged most likely).

If there are new skills that appeals to me, I'll summon... if not, I'll just redeem my free summon and save up orbs.

I wonder if they'll do it like last year and bring a second set after this one, or if they'll use that time for reruns of last year.