+Speed Sothe and M. Morgan build?

Greetings people. I come here willing to talk about how do you think I should build these 2 babies.
Sothe is in my main and Morgan in my alt. Having said that I want oppinions about building them with Wind/Watersweep atk smoke C and Speed smoke Seal or build them as glass cannons?

Keeping in mind that they can buff and debuff obnoxious ammounts and they nature help.

Also, I wanna ask, Despite smokes don't stack, grima's truth and Peshkatz do stack?

Asked by Killing Edge8 months ago


by Lydian 8 months 1 week ago

No the debuffs do not stack. Personally, I really like m!morgan as a magical debuffer with quad smokes if they ever give us a seal for one of the remaining smokes. Sothe seems better as a glass cannon to me.