So I just pulled +spd -res L!Tiki, and planning to plant her with special fighter and swift stance. Is it enough or slap her with warding stance + QR3 seal?

Asked by March Hare6 months ago


by Virdius 6 months 1 week ago

At 44 speed you might miss doubles against some of the fastest units (Ayra, Karla, V!Ike), but they tend to be swords so it is probably fine. The biggest flaw is the reduced speed on player phase, but that may be fixable with an A slot/seal depending on where you put Darting Stance.
I would go for it, in part because the QR seal is so useful on other units.


by March Hare 6 months 1 week ago

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I want to build her full on enemy phase, so yeah maybe I'll go with the first build with distant def seal. I also have option to build her with fort def/res and ds seal