So...About my Zelgius

Right, so I got +def, and another with bad ivs that I can't remember so I just merged into his +def so he is um, 42 def now (lol) and I happen to have a spare NY Camilla. And I'm like, so, if I actually give him the spd/def bond. He'll have 38 spd and 47 def (because it's funny) and + armour buffs, he'll have 44spd and 53 def (because it makes this funnier).

Just a thought...A very funny thought.
I got Bold fighter on him already lah but I'm just like, thinking that def makes everything so much funnier. Spd isn't really needed but since even if they can double him, his def and hp says no to that (unless mages). And if it really comes to 53def, I'm like, Black Luna is really good but will Ignis/Bonfire be a much better option?

(Someone screaming from the distance about Black Luna is the best special in the game)

Asked by HibikiKuro4 months 4 weeks ago


honestly i would put bonfire/ignis on him to see if it works better than black luna
(black ignis when?)


It's definitely something to consider, but the thing about Armored units, specifically Armor Emblem as a whole, is that they're easily Panic'd. Things like Panic+ healers, or any other Panic inducing units, can ruin Armor Emblem's day. That's why many people don't run Hone/Fortify Armor, but rather Ward Armor (I guess Goad Armor depending on the person).

So instead of Hone Armor, why not a team of Goad Armor? That way it's +12 to speed. :3