So, will Aether Raids ever "reset"

I don't remember reading anything of the sort, just wondering if we've heard of a "wiping the slate clean" event where it's all reset. I know i'm not the only one who made dumb purchases.

Asked by NinjaDan891 week 3 days ago


Nah, it's not getting reset anytime soon. Eventually we'll have enough ore to buy everything though. Maybe at that point they'll reset your structures and ore.

What dumb thing did you buy? I bought a lvl 2 horse debuffer. Not the worst thing, but not a good purchase imo.


I sure hope not. I don't enjoy that mode, but it's the only way to earn grails for building up TT/GHB units, so I'm glad I don't have to grind it and can still slowly build up currency to buy those units.