It depends on how you look at it. Five off banners, three of which were new to me, but of those three, only one of them is any good (why is Leo still 5*?!)

Then I got two Tibarns, two Nailahs, two Leannes, and a Reyson. I had most of what I want around 300 orbs, but my Tibarn was +HP -Atk and Nailah +HP -Def! I needed dupes. Second Nailah has the same IVs and my second Tibarn was +Res -HP. Not thrilled, but content.

I haven't looked at any other IVs. Don't care enough to. As is known I'm f2p and while this banner net me lots of 5*s, only a handful have value to me. C'est la vie. Back to saving up for CYL3!

Asked by Daily5 months ago


by Lain 5 months ago

>Back to saving up for CYL3!

That's a good Idea.
Everyone should have an overpowered Alm.
And Alm SHOULD be overpowered.
I want him to be gamebreakingly broken.

Anyone who doesn't think like that...

Fight me.
Meme Battle.
I'll break your Niko Niko Kneecaps.


by Big Nigma 5 months ago

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I'd love to see broken Alm. What would you do to make him broke as all hell?