Hi guys, I just got pitybroken by Shigure (+ATK -DEF) while looking for more Hardins in the Fighter skills banner. I have a 4* (+SPD -RES) in case building him is the best choice.

What should I do with him? I already have a +10 Cordelia.

Asked by locombc4 months ago


If you like him then build/keep him but Cordelia is better, in my opinion. He is good as fodder for his Harmonic Lance+. I usually keep two/three of any heroes that could be future fodders, except when my barracks is full, but it's up to you if you want to send him home for feathers.


Shigure can differentiate himself from Cordelia with higher spd and def. If you keep his weapon, I'd look for a way to help him take multiple melee hits to his def so that he can dish out more +10 moonbows - def refine on weapon and renewal for example.