Sheena's build

Hey everyone!

So I've made +10 +Res Sheena on a whim and I am now looking for a good build. I've already looked at her recommended builds and I am really interested in the "Ranged Tank (Distant Counter)" build. But since Sheena is so bulky was I thinking that vengeful fighter could be swapped out for special fighter to avoid getting specialed. Or if we are keeping vengeful fighter that we'd swap out the slaying axe for a hack-o'-lantern. Since i don't have to much experience with bulky units would I like some advice on the matter.

Thanks in advance!

Asked by bdc_ray5 days 14 hours ago


by Seeker 5 days 14 hours ago

Special fighter is an aggressive option as much as it is defensive; hack-o-lantern is the safe option. I think most people would recommend taking one or the other.

DC is very common and very effective on her; some people will use fortress def/res or brazen def/res, or once in a long time I run into a Svalinn shield trying to be tricky. (It's a very meta move; don't do it in PvE unless you have a specific plan for that map.)


by GVader 5 days 11 hours ago

Sorry about being late on this..... but this is my build for her and she works like a charm