Sharena Lancebreaker?

Saw a nice build with triangle & lance breaker. but then I noticed that there is only a handfull of lance wielders which have enough speed to double her and most of them are rare or weak. really worth it then?

Asked by Dunras Thul5 days 12 hours ago


by Night 5 days 12 hours ago

I still don't know what to give my Sharena as a B Spot.

My options are lancebreaker (not to avoid being double but to double everytime), swordbreaker (to one shot those pesky sword lords, Ryoma first).

Maybe quick riposte, did anybody use this one ?

Last option would be another debuffer ... But which one ? And she generally ORKO anything she attacks, so a post fight debuff ... Meh.

So yeah, Lance breaker is a great option anyway.
Careful if you are using fury instead of triangle adept though :)

I settled for drag back for now, will see the usefulness of it next arena season. Like you, I didn't feel there were too many practical options. I run hector on my team, so he easily keeps blues in check.

Drag back can be gimmicky, but I find it useful on my Cordelia. Definitely can catch people off guard if they don't pay attention, for a defensive team that is.

I use dragback on my Lucina for tempest trials (I don't have this Serra B-healing so I had to find something else) and found out it was very useful.

Maybe it's a good option, I should try one of those repositionning skills since she has gazillions of SP now ^^

by Rhin 5 days 10 hours ago

I use lancebreaker and it works really well with TA.
Lets her check both red and blue lances without problem, and to make sure lancebreaker lasts a little longer i gave her noontime, so bar greens she is really hard to orko.
Lancebreaker is there to double blues mor than to avoid doubles, though it helps with speedy S!Robins too.