Selena Build

So I've decided to finally make a character just because I like them and not because they can impact the meta in any way. Right now I'm between two weapons to give her: Slaying Edge+ or Wo Dao+. Anyone have any suggestions for which weapon to choose and what build to go along with it? I'm willing to invest a good amount into her (aside from DC).

Asked by LordCyrus9 months ago


With Slaying Edge+, Moonbow is always a good option as well as Draconic Aura. If you're going with Wo Dao+, I would recommend Moonbow and Draconic Aura. Depending on her Defense or Resistance you can run either Bonfire or Iceberg. Just go with what you think is best.

Due to selenas low base atk shes a unit that relies on specials to deal the bulk of her damage IMO the Wo dao+ is the best choice as it adds +10 to her specials damage . This is the build i would recommend for selena :
IV: +atk -res
Wo Dao+
Renewal / Wrath
Threaten Speed

check this post is a bit old but might give you an idea