I managed to pull a +spd -res nino on the black fangs banner and really want to use her in a right team. I really like flier emblem and already have a team with

Summer Corrin -blade
Spring Camilla - ta raven
Elincia -amiti deathblow
Flyzura - dancer

I still have fliers I really want to use but they didn't have any place in my old flier emblem team so I wanted to put them in a second team! I was planning on:

Nino (+spd -res) - gigacalibur
Tana (neutral) - vidofnir fury
Halloween Nowi (+ atk -hp) -blade tome atk/res bond
Cherche (+atk -def) -brave Axe deathblow

But while doing a few arena runs I noticed just how frail my team was especially to brave Lyn

Do you think this team works or should I replace someone with someone else?

Asked by Unit Londa11 months 1 week ago


by Seeker 11 months 1 week ago

Do you have a L.Robin? Very effective anti-archer with dragonskin+QR, and has a bit of offensive potential herself especially if +spd. Otherwise maybe stick Iote's shield on Tana and try to deny a double then bust the archer on your turn? You do risk the archer getting repositioned away.


by bluefawks 11 months 1 week ago

Whenever I build flier teams, I go by these tenements:

1-2 ranged units/ magic units
1-2 units with Hone Fliers
1 hard archer counter/ Iote shield user
c-skill boosts for all
Reposition on everyone

I use a Cherche with Iote's shield, since she usually doesn't need the extra deathblow atk points to make a kill, and she can bait out archers, and take them out next turn. Nowadays, you can just pick a unit on your team with the highest defence/ speed, and give them the Iote's shield seal to protect on Tempest Trial runs.


by Tandor 11 months 1 week ago

If you need a good universal tank then you can't get much better than Catria!