Sacred Seal Upgrade

I've got 484 coins so it's about time I use the on something. The following seals are on the shortlist for upgrading:
HP/Res 1
Flier Formation 2
All Spurs at 1
Fortify Def/Res 1
All Ploys at 2
Initiate Atk and Spd 1

Any thoughts on the best/most useful?

Asked by Galaxia93 months 4 weeks ago


Did you already upgrade the most useful seals? E.g QR, close/distant defence, heavy-blade?


by Rhin 4 months ago

Why did you not upgrade ploys to lv3????
Do it know. The rest of those seals are situational or mediocre.


Ploys seem even more situational and mediocre to me, when you have to meet a positioning requirement and an unstable res requirement...I'd personally rather upgrade something like hp/res+ or flier formation. It's all a matter of personal preference, so it's not really smart to generalize things like that.


If you don't already have at least one each of atk+3 and spd+3 I think those are solid options.