Robin GHB Infernal Flier Quest

It's one of only 3 GHB Elite quests haunting me as still incomplete in my quests and missions section, the other two are all fliers too unfortunately. But is it impossible without Caeda, I've only ever pulled -atk Caeda so they were all foddered, when your only flier options are Michalis, +spd/-atk Tana, -atk Elincia, 4*+10 Brave Lance Est, 4* Brave Axe Cherche, 4* Palla, and 4* Catria?

Asked by MrShinyGyarados4 months 4 weeks ago


by Guts 5 months ago

I don't think that it's possible with the current setup. Caeda is kind of crucial due to how she can tank those stupid mages.


Well I did it, wasn't easy. But Elincia had to fill the role of baiter by having Res +3 for A slot, DD3 seal, and Fortify Flier from Tana to survive. She also needed double Goad Flier and Drive Atk 1 boost so she could double and defeat the axe fighter while surviving the blue and red mages.


by TG15 5 months ago

If you have no ranged fliers or NY Azura, you need a unit that can tank the mages and the infantry axes coming on both sides. When I did my run, I had to rig up an insane chain of buffs just to live. Caeda at +3 merged with +atk-def with DD2 seal (didn’t have 3) was my tank. Behind her: Cordelia with goad fliers and spur res 1 seal. Behind her: Minerva with ward fliers and drive def 1 seal. That’s how she tanked the first round. And I didn’t use escape route or WOM (didn’t have fodder for either), so I went about it the hard way and made it through by a razor thin margin.

In your case, here’s the way to win: you need a red flier out front capable of getting to at least 28 def/45 res (the values my Caeda hit when attacked at range/by the axe users) to tank everything, and pack a minimum 41 HP. For every point of HP below, add a point of def and res. You might have enough wiggle room to go as low as 38 HP, but it is strongly recommended that you don’t.

My team was Cordelia, Minerva, Caeda, and Cherche. Cherche wasn’t super important though. If you can try to replicate the stats I said above (along with being able to break 50 atk and 39 speed while firing off iceberg twice), you can kill both axe users in one enemy phase as well.

If you cannot make your defensive stats match up to that of my Caeda (for reds; green requires more def (37) and can get away with 2 points less res, blue requires even less res (about 6 under) but a lot more defense (45+)), then do not attempt this yet, as it will not end well.

These values are interchangeable, as more of one allows for less of another, so it could allow you to make your own path to success.


I was finally able to do it but boy did it require so much necessary skills and set-up.

Elincia needed
Luna Iceberg could have probably worked too with this set-up Resistance +3
Escape Route 2 to warp around after baiting the map to start moving
DD3 seal as with the Res +3, DD seal, and Fortify from Tana she was able to survive baiting the blue mage, axe fighter, and red mage.

Tana needed
Fortify Fliers to buff Elincia to survive baiting
CD3 with Vidofnir at least I think it was needed for the tanking the lance

Palla needed
Ardent Sacrifice for healing Tana after she tanks red mage
WoM2 so she can bait an axe and lance up to warp away and deal with mages
Goad Flier, important for at least Elincia baiting and probably other situations
Drive Atk 1 seal otherwise Elincia fails to kill the axe she baits because of her attack bane

Est needed
Brave Lance+ and DB3 for when she needed to attack
WoM 1 for warping away to the bottom corner with Tana and Elincia after the initial bait
Reposition for using on Elincia after she defeated Robin so the blue mage couldn't reach Elincia
Goad Flier for the same reason as Palla as Elincia needed every bit of extra damage while baiting and the double goad was needed to double the baited axe. Also needed for Elincia to quad Robin securing the KO.


Like I said, it ain’t easy. WOM/ER makes it a lot easier to pull off though. I wasn’t that lucky on my run throughs, and it’s something that people in the discord still talk about because it was absolutely ridiculous. I didn’t even think it would work. Lol


by melo 5 months ago

My run used Camilla to tank magic hits so yes, it is possible without Caeda. But depending on your team set-up, she may not be an ideal alternative.

Good luck!


I was finally able to do it but it required very specifically timed warping with Escape Route (Elinicia) and WoM on the others. It also required the very unorthodox set-up of Elincia needing Res +3 for A slot alongside DD3 seal plus fortify flier (Tana), double goad (Est and Palla) and Drive Atk 1 (seal on Palla) boost to survive baiting the blue mage, red mage, and axe fighter while also being able to double and defeat the axe fighter (he lived without the extra 2 atk boost from drive atk 1).


by iote 5 months ago

It’s really hard without NY Azura and ranged Fliers unfortunately :( I beat it with this team. FS Cordelia, Blade Nowi, Blade Morgan and DC Slaying Azura.


I just tanked everything with Camilla. She literally took out every single unit. I wouldn't expect you to be able to do that with a Camilla right out of the box though.

What seems to be most impossible for me is Cavalry and Armor Narcian fight of all things. For non-fliers there's only one way to engage the enemy on that map.


I remember beating that map by using a +spd -def Tana with Vidofidir, no A-Slot and a close defense seal that was repostioned to the top of the map to kill the blue mage and was able to tank the axe unit and other mage thanks to the def stacking. the rest just fell into place from there.