Rate my Tactics team before I actually build it

Out of the four units, I have L!Robin and a 4* Eirika.
Yeah this will take me a while so criticize it before it's too late.
Also how on Earth does Sieglinde's refine work? From what I understood, it makes Eirika receive the buffs her allies have during combat. Is that how it works? Because I don't think that's it.

Asked by P1 week 3 days ago


I would swap Eirika and F!Grima's C slot, Eirika needs the atk, while res is the stats she needs the least as she won't be using that.
Basically Eirikas refined Sieglinde gives her an in combat buff equal to the highest buff in each stat that allies in 2 spaces have receives, for example if both Eirika and Nino receive Atk tactic and Eirika gets in combat and Nino is in 2 spaces from her she will be having 65atk, the same applies to spd def res.
Also in that team Gronblade is a better choice for Nino than Giga excalibur, and Glimmer is the best special for a bladetome build


Guess I have to use Gronnblade then... Is Thunderhead really the only green bladetome without the special penalty? I really hate that thing.
But if I use Gronnblade, wouldn't it be better if I used a 3 CD special since I'm running Heavy Blade? Maybe Draconic Aura?

Edit: Nevermind I'm dumb yeah I'm going for Gronnblade lol


Forgot to mention but -res is the best bane for Nino and she needs Desperation as the moment she gets hit by anything she won't be able to take another hit.
-res is the best choice as it won't change her matchups agaist mages since she is able to take only 1 hit from them anyway, but this way you have higher chances to survive when someone hits her def


by Lain 1 week 3 days ago

You're right with Eirika.

For instance let's say you're Robin got +6 to Atk/Spd/Def.
If you're Robin is in a 2 space range of Eirika she gets those as an in-combat buff, but this works only on visible buffs (as much as I know).
It does work only on the highest buffs, so if your Robin got those +6 Atk/Spd/Def and lets say your Nino got a +4 Atk/Def buff, your Eirika only copies those of Robin.
You could say her Refine is a Omni Drive Skill for her.


This is a relatively small thing, but I don't recommend pivot on non-armor units, and on a half-flier team you'll probably find that reposition is better than swap.

I haven't played with or against Ylgr enough to say whether she's worth using vs. just foddering off her speed tactic. If you want to use her either way, though, I don't see any glaring issues with her build.

Aerobatics is a neat trick but too situational to pass up Desperation in my experience. Also note that if you do swap in Gronnblade+, a speed boon will do better than an attack boon more often than not.