Rate my horse emblem team

Xander: Weapon: Siegfried. Assist: Reposition. Special: Bonfire
A - Distant Def 3 / Close Def 3
B - Swordbreaker
C - Hone Cavalry
S - Distant Def 3
Reinhardt: Dire Thunder. Reposition. Moonbow
+Atk -Res
A - Death Blow 3
B - Lancebreaker 3
C - Fortify Cavalry
S - Quickpulse
Olwen(WT): Thunderhead. Draw Back. Glimmer
+Spd - Def
A - Swift Sparrow 2
B - I don't have anything here yet.
C - Ward Cavalry
S - Initiate Seal Spd 1 (For now)
Brave Lyn: Mulagir. Reposition. Draconic Aura.
Neutral IVs
A - Swift Sparrow 2
B - Sacae's Blessing
C - Atk Smoke 3
S - Initiate Seal Atk 1(For now)
Suggestions for changes and to fill the empty slots are welcome. Also suggestion on other units will be of much appreciation.

Asked by Arckiel4 months ago


Well your team looks fine, Ive never seen a Double DD Xander before. I would go with QR instead of SB. Maybe Fury instead of DD? The Seal is fine.

Reinhardt is fine.

WT!Olywen can have Desperation as her B Skill

Lyn is also fine.


...You don't have any other units to fill in Reinhardt's and Lyn's position, or you can't give Reinhardt a different build, like an Owltome build?

I can't... I just can't.


I’m kinda new to the game and this is my first “complete” team, Xander is one of my favorite characters of the franchise so I wanted to build a team with him, then after some research I found out some meta related things like Reinhardt and horse emblem and I saw some builds for the calvary units. Then there you have it! And I don’t know what owltome build is... I do have Frederick 4* and a Titania 3*, but I wasn’t so lucky with their IVs...


:) This isn't his final build but I'm lacking the fodder to finish it properly. I will say he is stylin' with that Pole Axe, almost matches his art.

Main point was to highlight how the OP has a Sword and Lance breaker but no AxeBreaker (I found that mildly amusing, since my only semi-built horse slayer is an Axe).