I'm still summoning on banners here and I kinda want to get another Valentine Ike to feed to my Halloween Myrrh this coming March. And do a few summons on the anniversary banner; speaking of that, I don't mind getting any of the characters for free. If I get L!Lyn and she has bad IVs, I'll feed her to my Titania; if I get L!Azura, I'll bring her in my Aether Raids core; if Duma or H!Myrrh becomes my free, then I'll merge them.

Asked by riccochet3 months 1 week ago


by Marshpot 3 months 1 week ago

Hey, there!

It’s great to remind yourself, but... there’s a reason why the notes app exists... but hey! You just gave me a great idea!

This was my response. :3