oh my god finally i did it

squad assault 4 is literally the worst out of the five to deal with, i burned through 3 stam potions bc i got so close in a bs attempt.. lol oof

Asked by pkslowpoke6 months ago


The only advice i can give for this map is to have a bunch of raven mages and to BS the final map w/reinhardt, a dancer of your choice, and a few armor units

Squad Assault 4 is the one that has that Roderick map and Amelia map, right? If that's it, then I despise that one. Ugh

Yep :) Because that's such a good way of establishing difficulty; Inflated stats, yeah you'll totally see those in Arena mhm yes top tier game design

Aren't you great.
By the way pass it on to everyone Olwen is going to kill herself because of you people turning her life into a sick game.

Well played lol ! Squad assault 4 has to be the hardest !
Not only the maps are awful (like Katarina's map and Summer Corrin's map), but the last one is ... just horrible