Oh, Dear...

I spent orbs. 27 if you're looking for the total. I had been saving since the Fallen Banner. Waiting for CYL2. While I wasn't especially excited Hector was our new legend, I had to have him, because he is Daddy.

The first pool had a red and four blues. I decided to pull on all to increase my rate. Last unit is L!Ephraim. Cool! Don't have him, but that means my rate is back to 8%.

Second pool is a mess of colors. LA!Lyn on the first pull; another brand new unit for me! Again, though, I was looking for Daddy. There were two greens so I was like 'What the Hell?' and pulled. Second green yields a +Atk -Spd L!Hector! Yes!

I just hope that I still pull really well during CYL2! Back to hoarding!

Asked by Daily5 months 2 weeks ago


Spent 75 orbs on Ephraim. Very last summon was a Morgan, -Speed +Defense just like most of my mages. Why is she even on this banner? I really don't understand

At least you had good luck, though


Lucky. 100 got me 2 Brave Ikes and nothing else, good fodder at least but no Hector, Ephraim or Tharja. I've still no fire type legendary hero, I think I'm just not aloud to pull any new legends.


by Tandor 5 months 3 weeks ago

This banner was fairly generous to me also. My free round was so good I went a second round and got a LA! Lyn. Not going to chance it more than that though.