No story maps for tomorrow's new units?

Not much of a question, as it's mostly just an observation.

I watched the new heroes trailer now (a bit late, I know), and I was surprised, that there was no story map teaser at the end of it...only the heroes showcased and then an abrupt ending.

I know that they can't do a main story thing with these guys, since book 2 is closed and book 3 hasn't begun yet, but they could easily just do a paralogue for them, like we have with couple of other non-seasonal heroes (brave heroes for example and also Tana's and Sigurd's banners).

Especially with these Muspel units, it would be nice to get at least a bit of parallel backstory for them. I honestly hope that the devs just forgot to add the story content teaser into the trailer.

Asked by Guts2 months 2 weeks ago


To be fair, two of them died, and they were already featured in chapter 13 with those set stats and skills.


I guess...although Helbindi and that one girl have to come from a timeline where they haven't died, because I doubt that the summoner can resurrect people. I mean, I don't care about the loss of around 10 extra orbs from not having a story chapter for them, but they could have developed their characters at least a bit more through them.