Next Merge Project

So my current merge project is Lukas, he’s currently at +5. So I’m wondering what unit I should choose for my next project (not another blue unit, and preferably a unit that has decent enough BST to be used in arena for scoring)

Asked by Perjutsu5454 months ago


Maybe an armour or flying unit, I wouldn't go with mounted units as they, apparently, score lower. Someone like: Caeda, Draug, Camilla, Raven, Nino, Henry, Hanna, Soleil, Olivia, cherche.


I have to agree with pkslowpoke. Thinking of other merge projects before you're done with your current one can lead to trouble, like diverting your attention from one project to starting another.

Just focus on what you're working on, and then worry about the next project when you're done.


Speaking from experience here. There are ways that I spent my feathers that I definitely could have been smarter about.

I have a +9 that I've been working on for about seven months. I have a +7 that I've been working on basically since launch (soon to be +8), but it's Masked Marth so that's a little different. I have no blue or colorless units with more than +1 merge.

I have been waiting for my last Hawkeye for AGES. And I have every intention of merging Masked Marth to +10 as soon as possible. But in the meantime, I'm just... waiting.

I think it's a very good idea to pick 3, and build all three at once for your arena core. No more than 3 at a time. If you run into a dry spell summoning one, you can build the other two in the interim. I like having a diversity of units, but I definitely wish I had a +10 blue merge, because it would get me more feathers and orbs, faster.


I can understand why you would want to work on several at once, as that's what I'm doing (I don't have enough copies to merge up to +10 for my current red or green merge projects).

But only you can know who to pick. IMO if you are free to play, picking a merge project should be a personal decision.


Since Lukas is a physical tank, your next merge project should be able to cover his weaknesses. Caeda is a good mage counter and also a good sweeper against green units, Soleil has a great base and can run many builds (my 3rd merge project now).


I disagree with some of these folks, I prefer to start saving up merges and IV hunting before I begin spending feathers.

If you don't have a good red, a +10 Marth cheerleader would help whatever the bonus unit for the season is. I'm regretting not building one earlier with the new arena changes.