new years banner luck?

does it suddenly seem like the chances have dropped or is it just my luck? OTL

i've reached a 4.75% pity rate twice with mostly F2P Orbs and im leaving with a -Atk Boey and a -Def Roy sniping for green

Asked by strumplefluzel8 months 1 week ago


I'm at 4.5 now, regretting spending all those orbs. I would be happy with any of the focus units, but is sniping the best rn?

4% with f2p orbs, got a rhajat fml, plus side she is +spd - hp

I've gotten 3 5* units in 78 orbs (all f2p) on this banner, which is the best luck I've had in a while. (One of the 5* was Lachesis, but you win some, you lose some.) We all go through lucky and unlucky streaks, it's just the nature of randomness.

The only units I wanted was Azura (Hone Fliers really, her being a singer is a bonus) and Corrin (He's not even on this banner). I got a -Spd +Def Azura and Corrin is most likely a free unit.

I think I'm pretty content with what I got from the NY!Banner.

by Yu 8 months 1 week ago

It is funny because when Im on that non-5* streak, I always get it on 4.75%. Also every single time, When one of banner reach 4.75%, I summon one on other banner that is 3.00% and like half of the time I get 5* focus hero XD. That is how I got B.Char, W.Tharja. I didnt even try to summon those banner but just spent 5 orb after free one once other banner I was focusing reach 4.75%. It might be just luck but that has been happening to be for couple month now.

I haven't dived into the NY banner that much as I was coming from dealing with the last legendary banner. Thankfully that legendary banner gave me what I wanted in the end. I just...wasn't tempted to do the NY banner; just took my free summon and ran. Didn't recall who I got.