Neutral Halloween Henry build help

He won’t be placed on a full armor team, but paired with Halloween Jakob running triple distant defense build.

I’m thinking fury, since he can benefit from all stats and doesn’t need to maintain a high hp threshold (no wary fighter or QR). Jakob will be the dedicated baiter.

His B skill could depend on his weapon. I am having a hard time deciding on the wep. 3 good options, raven, blade or his default. My only problem with raven is I am definitely not running triangle adept, not sure if that’s a good enough reason to roll it out.

Blade tome for obvious reasons. I’d give Jakob hone armor, which is probably enough. And someone on the team would have res +4 seal. I feel that may be enough to run desperation, not positive on that tho.

Spectreal tome is also being considered. Not only for the panic effect but for weapon refinery. Since his is neutral iv, I basically get to pick my own boon with no bane.

Asked by MiThiKaL10 months 1 week ago


Sorry in advance for the long answer to follow.

If you aren't running TA, Raven is still doable with Fury, but you'll want to have Jakob with Fortify or Ward armor instead to jump his defense up a little more. This is one rare time I'd recommend Fortify Armor, since you'll be trying to keep them together to benefit from armor March. If you go with the Raven tome, the best B slot choice is Bowbreaker, since that's the whole reason to run Raven.

If you go Blade, I'd recommend Wary Fighter or Renewal for his B slot. Wary Fighter helps keep him from taking too much damage against faster opponents, while letting him tear away large chunks of their Hp with the blade effect.

If you run his Spectral Tome, which is by no means a bad idea, I'd refine it for Res and keep Jakob with Fortify/Ward armor. This helps keep his defense up, as well as increasing his Res for a much more damaging Iceberg. For this, I would recommend Renewal. He's got good defenses, especially against mages, who are most prominent in the arena. Renewal would help you fix him up, especially if you can play a sort of hit and run strategy, accomplished through him and Jakob having Reposition to assist running away.

One thing I would recommend that would work with any of the weapons you are considering if you have the fodder for it is to give Henry here either Close or Distant Defense for his A slot, and fill in the Sacred seal with the opposing one. That way, he's getting +6 def and Res when he's attacks, no matter what, and the likes of Panic and Brave Lyn's Mulagir can't override or ignore it. He loses some attack, yes, but combined with Fortify Armor and Ally support from H!Jakob, he'd be sporting 40 def and 50 res. If you decide to go this route, I'd recommend Quick Riposte for his B!Skill. If he's attacked by someone who can double him, he's guaranteed to hit them with his Iceberg.