For a defense team.

I never though much of Navarre's refine, but it has a niche. Just requires a bit of setup, and I show one way to set him up.

The idea of Legault's build is that he gets the luna even if his opponent uses guard. Just need to dance him. But the most important part is to debuff so that Navarre gets extra damage, and the swordsman does come with 85 damage pre-loaded. Legault gets 14 guaranteed damage against a slow tank, so this combo can get through 110+ physical bulk unless triangle disadvantage is involved.

Asked by Seeker6 months ago


by Sir of Coffee 6 months ago

*teleports behind you*

Nothing personel, kid..

Seriouly this can be pretty nasty, since most people won't check the skills.
downside is that it might just net you a single kill, but still.

This does make my think of a strategy with Seliph. Maybe he can combo the miracle skill with WoM allies?


by Seeker 6 months ago

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Definitely. In general I think pre-pulsers, emblem goad/ward spam, miracle, sturdy impact, and WoM are some of the most potent defense strategies