The Monster of a Cutie!

After a bit of grinding feathers and what not, she's almost there. I'll be working on other merges to raise my arena score (looking at you A!Tiki) but I finally got her the skills I wanted (may change out fury one day). Anybody else halfway to their eventual +10?

Asked by ArgentSable2 months 3 weeks ago


+7 CorrinM. He needs a iv change, but he's otherwise set. Besides the rest of his merges.
He's got a lot of 5* blood on his hands. Saber, Fjorm, B!Ike, Hector, SM!Erikia, Deirdre, and a few others.

First of all, that Corrin is a monster. He has more 5 stars sacrificed to him than my P!Olivia, and that's saying alot XD

And to be more specific, my Olivia has Poison dagger+, Barb Shuriken+, Lethal Carrot+, LnD3(from a jaffar no less), QR3, Chill Atk3, Cancel Affinity 3, Windsweep3, Atk Tactic and Def Ploy.

So that's a Kagero (both versions), Kaze, Jaffar, Subaki, Ninian(Bride), Mathilda, Alm, Siegbert and Summer Gaius. Not counting any eventual dagger releases (please release owl dagger XD)

by rankss 2 months 4 weeks ago

I just can't seem to pull my last 2 Eirika... Every week is like battling life and death to stay in t20, really need those merges

I've been battling with pulling a few A!Tiki for months now, gotten zilch since April, so I know the feels. Good luck !

Just brought him to +6 yesterday. This is what he looks like, but this probably won't be his final set. Berkut's Lance is good, but it's gone quite a bit stale. I really want him with Tannenboon! but I couldn't pull Robin last month so now I'll have to wait till Christmas. If I manage to pull Noire, a Shigure, and a Nephenee (Or Karla) I'll probably give him Harmonic Lance and Wrath supported by Infantry Rush to charge Aether. I just need feathers and a bit of luck

At +4 at the moment, but I'm working on getting my Sheena to +10 slowly but surely! Also trying to get her a +Res -Spd instead of her current +Res -Atk. ....and I need to get a hector, a grima and an aether fodder to give her her optimal set....OTL

That's a nice Soliel, I want to eventually +10 merge her someday. Im exactly half way through my Nanna, I pulled 2 5*s of her back on the Thracia banner but they were bad ivs, eventually found a 4* +atk-hp

Nice to see someone else using a Brave Sword on her. Mine's at +5 with Swift Sparrow and Spd Smoke, so proud of her.