Merge update in February

I may be a little late to ask that, but with the update on 1st merge that would erase the bane from IVs:
- Will it already be done for heroes merged before this update or will we have to find another hero after it?
- Will it create a complete change on BSTs ?

Asked by IcenKnight2 months 1 week ago


by Dannwond 2 months 1 week ago

The announcement already told us that it would be retroactive, so your merged units will change for the better without doing anything when the update happens.

IF I understood the announcement correctly, merged units will now be considered to have +3 BST, since it was mentioned at some point of the announcement that it would affect Arena. This part I will leave for someone else to confirm.

Edit: Said point (and the warning about already merged units) in image attached (if it displays correctly).


by GVader 2 months 1 week ago

Units merged before will get their bane fixed, and it will increase the units bst for scoring in arena