Mathilda is an unexpected pain in my ass this TT.

(Disclaimer: I'm not asking for help, I'm just sharing because I think it's funny.)

Anyone else have this experience, where a normally mediocre unit manages to trash your entire team? Like, it wouldn't feel so bad if it was a well-built Mathilda that some player had put thought into, but this is just default Mathilda with inflated TT stats and whatever extra skills the RNG sees fit to slap on her.

The problem is totally my fault. My team is Sigurd, Priscilla, TA Raven Cecilia, and regular Olwen. Cecilia is 4* merged and still doesn't even have her 5* tome, and Olwen is barely even built, but thanks to TT inflation and horse buffs (and Sigurd being a god among tanks) this team has been totally steamrolling everything...except when Mathilda comes out. She deals effective damage to everyone, takes practically no damage from Cecilia thanks to CA and shrugs off Olwen and Priscilla just as easily due to astronomically high res. Sigurd can damage her a bit, but she almost always kills him first thanks to effective damage+WTA. I accidentally made a team that can kill nearly everything except for one single overlooked unit who counters all four of them single-handedly. Oops? ;)

There are ways I could fix this. I could give up on raven Cecilia and just give her a blade tome, or I could slap gravity on Priscilla so she can enable Cecilia and Olwen to chip away from a safe distance. But I'm lazy and also don't feel like spending the feathers, so right now I'm just going to laugh as these poor unfortunates get steamrolled by a single lancer.

Asked by SourPeridot2 months 3 weeks ago


It's kind of the same with Florina for me. I always expect B!Hector to tank her, especially with a def of 40 with buffs, but she always just trashes him. She's like his mortal enemy.


Had Flier Nino take out my entire team thanks to her B Skill. My Gwendolyn, Lewyn, YT!Olivia and B!Cordelia was defeated. I always see her in the majority of runs through TT, she's really Annoying. I can't stand it '-'


by Giggah 2 months 3 weeks ago

I haven't been able to find a team that can auto the last map that aren't HM maxed because Sigurd and that mage in the top corner always dumps on them.


I've been deleting everything without fail. I just need someone to kill Hardin because thats the only thing stopping Lilina and Im good.