Mae Owl tome Help

I have a +Atk Mae and I want to build a Spur Team to help her out with the Owl tome. I was thinking giving three other teammates Spur Atk 3 and also Spur Atk Sacred Seal. Also throw in the effects from Legendary Weapons like Sieglinde from Eirika and Boosts from Geirskogul from Lancina. That would be +16 Atk from spurs and +6 more to all stats from Owl tome, Hone Atk 2 (+3 Atk) from Eirika, and +3 Atk and Spd from Lancina. Would this work out well?

Asked by Wintuwa9 months ago


by Guts 9 months 1 week ago

It will almost never work on offense, so I'd actually suggest more defensive spurs and a hero with drive sth (Lancina I guess). Also keep in mind that Geirskogul doesn't buff tomes.

Owl tomes are better played defensively with a bait playstyle and even then, you'll rarely complete a full T formation to give Mae the maximum buff.

Okay, thanks for the input. I never use Owl tomes. That's why I asked before I put investment into her. I never really planned for a blade tome build with her, I just wanted an Owl tome build. I figured all the spurs would be overkill which was my intention to counter even Green units.

I understand, and the intentions are not wrong in theory. It's just that in practice, you will most likely only have two units next to Mae, which is still good, but you'll have to build your team around that, which is why I suggested a hero with a drive skill, so that you can get a buff even when that hero is a bit further away.

Good luck with Mae!