I'm not sure if I should promote her to 5*. I don't know when I'll get another Lilina to add onto her. Her Speed, Def and Resistance are currently lower than what she would be at 5* with the same IVs (Atk+, HP-) but they could potentially be better if I pulled more of her.

Asked by iote9 months ago


Since you're already at 4*+4 I'd say stay the course and go for 4*+10. Promotion isn't really worth it at this point.

considering she's available only as 4-5*, I think a 5* merge might be better especially since you invested so much into her skill wise. Building up a 5* merge will take a while simply because of the feather requirement which should give you plenty of time to slowly summon more of her.

Btw if you're going to use swift sparrow on her you might consider +spd on her. It'll bump her up to 29 base speed, with buffs and SS she'll go up to 37 speed.

If thats not enough speed probably go with darting blow to get get her speed up to 39. Focusing on trying to double with blade tome damage, because you're more likely to kill things with 2 blade tome hits rather just stacking a bit of attack when blade tome damage gets so high with buffs.

That's all assuming unmerged stats at 5*. With merging her speed will increase up to 4 points more.

Otherwise if not going +spd, a raven tome build might be better so she's not so buff dependent, but still dishes out a lot of damage.