I have a LA!Lyn and she has Neutral HP (37) and I'm planning on merging her to +1. The situation is a little bit complicated though. Neutral HP for LA!Lyn is 37, mine has Desperation 3 so I wanna keep her HP low enough so that she cna lose 10 HP (Ardent Sacrifice) and be in Desperation range. If I +1 her she'll have 38 HP so my question is will she be able to go into Desperation range of she loses 10 HP if she has 38 HP? This is the math I did so you can check 38 x .75 = 28.5.

Asked by Ellemass6 months 1 week ago


by Kemosabe-TBC 6 months 1 week ago

Yes, any unit that has 40 or less HP will enter desperation range when losing 10 HP. You only need to worry at 41 HP