Does the new tome with bold fighter now outperform the owl build? Most armour teams dont run visible buffs as is, so is this new meta or what?

Asked by edo59904 months ago


The new tome is just Desperation, and Bold Fighter lets you attack twice.

Is there really any new synergy between these two skills? I don't have the ability to check.


You'll just follow-up immediately, which is rare for Armors to be able to do. However, my Lyn already runs Desperation in her B slot with a lot of spd refines, which means she can pretty much do that anyway, without the special cooldown charge +1. Either way, Juicy Wave frees up the B-slot on Valyntine if you were running Desperation in that slot, so that leaves many possibilities.


Well, basically everything get said, except think of it like firesweep because of she procs (insert spec here) people are dying, and shes unique in A) Being a Blue Mage armour
B) Running Desperation and bold fighter
C) Not "needing" her special to do damage to armour's
Think of the damage she'll due (in desperation range) to an effie with out berkuts lance, or to BK/Zelgius running Bold fighter, it means even on mixed emblem or flier emblem (trust me... its wild) she can SAFELY run through a lot of t20 arena


I'm tempted to throw Juicy Wave on my Valyntine, but I already swore I would start saving up for CYL. With that said, I think if I got a bad IV Camilla I would give her tome to Valyntine, but I don't know if I would run Bold Fighter. My Lyn is already +spd with a spd refine, spd seal, and spd buffs, which takes her to the high 40s anyway. But Bold Fighter would probably allow a heavy investment into her bulk or atk, so yes, it is amazing and I would run Juicy Wave over Blarowl in a heartbeat.