Kiran username

So I've been wondering for a while.

WHY are there so many "kiran" users in PVP battles ? Arena, gauntlet. It's crowded with Kirans. Am I missing something ?

Asked by Nightguest9 months 1 week ago


by bololo 9 months 1 week ago

mine is Kiran, and I think many are the same way, because when the game first came out I rerolled a ton of times (uninstalled + reinstalled for initial orb summons) to get a takumi, and after a while didnt bother putting a name so left it default

by Rhin 9 months 1 week ago

Its your characters default name, like Mark in blazing blade, or Robin in awakening.

As the others have mentioned, it’s the default name for your Avatar. You’ll see a lot of Kiran’s and エクラ‘s (Ekura) from people who haven’t bothered to change the Nickname, either due to multiple accouts, lack of care, or preference for the name.

It’s the default name. I’m guessing that some players just don’t know what name to use.