Just got a plus speed minus defense flora..... what do?

Speed is the one stat on flora that DOESNT need a boon, while having a defense bane makes doing her job more difficult. Basically my question is, should I be stealing her A or B skill, and for who?

Asked by Elcair3 months ago


by Bean 3 months ago

If you have a L!Ephraim, he could surely make use of Atk/Res Solo, though the Res part may be a bit iffy. QR is great for any enemy phase units who have the bulk to back it up, like A!Tiki and Lukas.

Def Ploy is also a pretty decent inherit option to provide team support if you have high-res units like Micaiah or W!Tharja.


But the guy could just use death blow and you'd save rare fodder.

I actually argue that +spd is good on Flora.