I’ve been trying to get my arena score up, but now I’m stuck in 18.

Does anyone have any tips for a guy that only has a +4 Leif, a +4 Young Azura, and all his other merges are +1? I have just really bad luck on getting duplicate heroes, and once I try to merge one up, I think the game can tell, and decides to just not give me those units. I’d really appreciate it, thanks.

Asked by Hideo7 months 1 week ago


by El_bastrad 7 months 2 weeks ago

Use more commonly summoned units like Marth or sheena, they're much easier to 5* merge.

Use weapons and skills that cost more SP

Get more bonus unit kills

Use units with higher BST


by OilLeak 7 months 2 weeks ago

If you want to +10 units then concentrate on units that score well that are in the 4 star pool, trying to +10 5 star locked units is expensive. Build an armor team or Mixed Flier/infantry team with duel skills for arena. Example : Caeda is an excellent unit for arena, she has 4 star availability, her weapon is effective against armor and horses and there is red duel flying skill which boosts arena score.


by Seeker 7 months 2 weeks ago

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And I'd like to add, pick units that you like when you merge. One of the worst things you can do is spend 2 full months' worth of feathers on a unit you end up not caring about. If you're intent on staying in T21 then that will restrict your choices a bit, but if you're ok with just getting in every other week, as long as you're not merging all ranged units none of which use duel skills you're probably ok.


by MessiahNilla 7 months 2 weeks ago

Heres the checklist, in oder, of how to to things for arena whoring core team of three units.
1. A maximum of 1 5★ locked unit to dump orbs into.
2. A minimum of 2 3★-4★ available units to dump feathers into.
3. Supporting your bonus unit through PRF weapon skills, Spurs, Drives, and Tactics.
4. Proper skillset chosen with score and support in mind.
5. The understanding that ONLY your bonus unit should kill anything, every other unit is relegated to making your bonus unit kill things more easily.

Take my team for example. Everything about them is designed to keep the bonus unit killing. Tactics to give the bonus unit a flat +6 to everything, spurs and drives for extra push, chill atk to nerf the strongest enemies attack, guidance to warp things around since reposition isnt an option, just everything about my core is designed to stay alive and score high.