Is it D-day tmrw? (As in Decision-day haha)

As far as the new banner(s) go because both Halloween Henry and Jakob for armor emblem look really promising so with currently 123 f2p orbs they have to really show out in order to sway my summonings. Such discipline to even hold off on the Halloween free summon rn too! Hopefully tonight's live stream at the earliest will be the x-factor.

Asked by Brandon21 year ago


What’s your reasoning for holding off the free summon? I would just open the session and roll the colors I hope to get - in the case that you pull one of the units you’re hoping for, it makes it easier to walk away from the banner if the new heroes are better.

In contrast, I don’t see the benefit for waiting. You’re going to roll the free summon eventually anyway, and woul you really close a session of all green/grey orbs just because another banner is superior?


I prefer to know if I am willing to pull from the banner before doing my free summon too.

If I don't plan to pull at all, I just get the free summon and get out of it.
If I play to pull (meaning upgrading my pity rate), I pull the free summon and the whole circle too.
That means 5 summons for 15 orbs instead of 20.

That's still 15 orbs I could have spared if I don't want to pull from the banner again


Same, as partial F2P with the occasional wavering moment I do the full circle with the free summon to raise my pity rate. However Halloween and death blow both gave me a 5* random so it did not go according to plan, but not bad.