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Well, the Brave Heroes banner ends tomorrow. I have still not gotten Brave Lyn, and I can summon twice tomorrow. Along the way I've gotten two Marias and a Klein with bad IVs, all of them 5 star. I can only hope that colorless hell will have mercy on me.. On a brighter note, what have you guys gotten? I hope you got who you wanted.

Asked by Roy_The_Boy9 months ago


Why did you not use the free summon for her you fool!?

My boy called for me, and I answered. Another reason is that all of my sword units are garbage, while I have a S!Gaius as my main bow unit. Still, no regrets.

I suppose that's alright. I've scored at least 1 of everyone myself, though I dropped all my remaining orbs aiming for a +Spd Roy because he just isn't worth Desperation without it and I have scored several red 5-stars that aren't him, as well as 4 more copes of him.

I'm sitting on 5 Brave Roy and 4 of the fucks are +Atk.....-_-

Roy only hits 37 speed with fury or 38 with Steady Blow on attack at neutral speed. That's not an ideal speed for Desperation to activate on. Fury will make neutral Roy have 54 still for his sword triggers. But doubling is more important when the kid literally comes with desperation. With a boon and fury he has 40 Spd unbuffed which is much better.

I decided to save my guaranteed summon until the end and managed to pull a +spd -hp Brave Lyn. I tried the other colors until Hector banners came out and then there went the rest of my orbs, so I spent the free one to get Brave Ike.

Who did you use your free one on? Actually judging by your name it was our boy, wasn't it? I'll hope along with you that one of your two summons tomorrow is B!Lyn.

Lyn as my free choice. Saved 60 orbs on CYL and got 2 new 5 stars: sanaki and Bike can't complain

by Ririka 9 months 1 week ago

Good luck on colorless hell (I use free pull on Lyn)

I got all, Lancina's ISDPs is meh, but at least I got her

I pray you get her, brother. I got fairly lucky and got all of them. Lyn was my freebie. I got 2 Ike (+Atk/-Spd being the best), 2 Lancina (+Res/-Hp and +Def/-Spd), and one of our Boy (+Spd/-Def). Pretty happy overall. I'm planning on doing some last minute pulling in hopes of better IVS for Lancina and merges for Ike.

by Zahir 9 months 1 week ago

*sigh* -atk Ryoma, Peri, and Reinhardt. A Camilla (didn't check her IVs just gave her brave axe+away) -Def BIke, and -Spd B!Roy. Not too happy honestly Everything I got came with SHIT IVs

by Cav829 9 months 1 week ago

I got a 5 star Male Corrin.

Did you even remember you could pull a Male Corrin at 5 stars? Neither did I.

With about 400 orbs, I got an Abel (Brave Lance fodder for someone), +Atk/-Def Klein, +Atk/-HP Hector, and +Def/-HP Bike. I'll have just enough orbs for one last pull in the morning.

by pol 9 months 1 week ago

I've gotten 2 Brave Ikes, a Brave Lyn, a Ryoma, a Young Tiki, and a Leon all 5* but no Lucina or Roy ;(. Also lyn was my free summon

by Chareu 9 months 1 week ago

I used the freebie for Lyn myself and haven't gotten a single other banner unit. For a second Amelia as my 5* and not much else worth remembering.

I used my guranteed summon for Roy, and actually managed to get the other three as well. I think I also got a five star Effie, too.