(infantry) Units for Steady Breath

I got 'pity broken' (not really) by B!Ike.
It's my second one and there's no way I'd merge him and miss out on his skill, so I need to think of someone to get it.

Now, the easy choice would be to slap it on a armored units, which I could do, but I kinda don't want to do that.
So, what kind of options do I have?
The main ones are:
Roy (who's still an option for a DC)
Ryoma (+spd -res)
Lukas (+def -spd, a good option for future merging)
Shiro (+res -hp)

Aside from that I do have a few other options. I'm not sure about axe units since I already have a B!Ike aside from this one. Not a big fan of dragons too (beside Myrrh, Grima and Ninian who're not options for this)
I've got Dorcas, who could be pretty useful, and a BoF y!Tiki.
Lastly I could give it to Zephiel, but that might be somewhat dumb.

Asked by Sir of Coffee4 months 3 weeks ago


by Guts 4 months 4 weeks ago

I think that Lukas is the best out of those that you mentioned, since he can become almost unkillable by physical hits, can be merged and doesn't really want DC. Steady breath will help him unleash Ignis even faster now, activating it in one round of combat.

With that said, you should wait for someone who really catches your interest, so that you don't even hesitate with inheriting the sklil on them.


Lukas was already my top choice, so these resposes helped make my mind up.
Also helps that I was still looking for a merge project.

Only thing I wonder is:
Are slayer spear and Ignis still the best options for him?


I think that Ignis is still better for him than Aether (even with Steady breath). You can use slaying lance (the -cooldown weapon) if you want, but it would be sort of a waste of that -cooldown ability, since thanks to steady breath, you'll be able to use Ignis in one round of combat anyway (with quick riposte ofc). The fact that the cooldown reduction from slaying lance is not really needed plays well into inheriting slaying spear onto him, because it helps him with the arguably most difficult matchup when it comes to physical damage duels, but I get that it's not the most appealing investment, because you have to promote Est/Oboro for that, upgrade heavy lance into slaying spear and then further refine it afterwards.

There is an alternative tho, which is as strong imho, and that's slaying lance + bonfire, which will allow you to sometimes use bonfire twice in one round of combat thanks to steady breath and 2 turn cd bonfire. It's your call on this one, but the lance + bonfire thing might be slighlty better.

Tl;dr: Either Slaying lance + bonfire (probably better generally) or Slaying spear + Ignis (huge advantage against armored units).


Well, I do have a Slaying lance from a 5* Florina whom I promoted early in feh
Yeah I like Ignis, since it destroys everything. Aether is better duelists.


young Tiki

But Lukas is probably the best choice since he's +def-spd, easily accessible, especially if you plan on supermerging him


well i'd say lukas is the best option then, coz he's the easiest to merge from the other 3.