Infantry Rush Tiki (A) Builds?

Hey, All! So I've been brainstorming on the best way to utilize my soon to be +10 5* Tiki (currently sitting at +5), and I've come up with two unique builds to use alongside an Infantry Rush partner. Consider this my attempt to avoid the standard, overused (and predictable!) Lightning Breath/Steady Breath build.

This first one ensures an enemy phase proc on Ignis (+36 damage if BoF is activated), granted that the enemy doubles Tiki. Wrath can also kick in if she falls below 75%.

The second one (in the next post) utilizes Infantry Rush and Quickened Pulse to ensure an Enemy Phase Aether, as long as the opponent doubles her. No Wrath, which may make it more difficult for her to start charging her special after the first activation.

Also, if anyone has any other ideas, they would be much appreciated!

Asked by Kestralheart2 months ago


Your second build is almost exactly like my 5* +10 Tiki, mine has Infantry Pulse in the C slot for a different unit, but that may change. Mine is also +Def not Atk. I really want to use Infantry Rush on a unit for her too. I have her ally supported with a male Corrin with Yato refine and some other buffing skills, not sure if I want to give it to him or keep Spur Atk/Def 2 and put Infantry Rush on a different unit. Could I ask which units you’re potentially putting Infantry Rush on?

I honestly hadn’t considered wrath at all, that may be an interesting investment. I may try that if I ever get the fodder so thank you there. But either way I think you’re solid. I’d prefer aether in my opinion. But that may be because of my Corrin support getting her Atk and Def in the 70’s and her Res to 48 and I know she can take the hit well. Which could also be reason to use ignis instead I guess. Either way, she’ll get a good hit, but based on your reasoning I’m leaning toward you using the ignis build. But it would definitely work either way.

I was planning on putting Infantry Rush on either Azura or Ninian, but I was also considering someone like Lucina or Olivia, even though they're red (like your Corrin), because they help for Breath of Fog. Olivia is also good for long-term merges. To be honest, though, regular Ninian is probably the best choice, as she can provide dragon-exclusive buffs, refresh, turn on BoF, and doesn't overlap on the color wheel. If I can pull her, I'd like to try that. I think I'll try Ignis first because I have to promote a Chrom for Aether.

What other units do you think would benefit a lot from Infantry Rush? Adult Tiki, Ninian, and another Infantry green unit who really likes to charge their special seems the best. A dragon would be nice to benefit from Ninian's buffs, but I think someone like Linus/Raven in a Galeforce/Aether set would be really sweet, and I've got a lot of Ravens sitting around.

I was going to ask which Azura, but either way that would work along with Sing for another turn. I love Lucina as a character, but with BoF you wouldn't need two red units that are effective against dragons. Olivia would be a decent choice since she can be +10'ed more easily for bit more arena score. If you are thinking Ninian for dragon buffs, then she can't get infantry rush, so you may have to use Azura or Olivia or anyone else you think of. Does Ninian's attack get pretty high? Would she be able to use the heavy blade effect from infantry rush well? For the dragon buffs, fortify would be great to make your Tiki bulkier. In my case, my Corrin has Def/Res Bond 3 which wouldn't stack with fortify. I could use a myrrh with hone dragons instead. I pulled an extra recently so I could give a ninian hone dragons. Actually putting a second dragon of any kind on my team with Corrin and Tiki would be smart. Most of the buffs I get from him also work from two spaces away, but if I have a dragon next to her instead of corrin, she'll still get some of corrins buffs and the BoF buff. Thank you for that! Didn't think that!

hahahaha the feather debacle. But yea definitely see how the ignis build goes. I may give mine ignis to prefer her if I manage to get a nephenee from the new power banner coming soon.

Hmmm..... I'm not sure about Ninian, but possibly! if you have some Fae, she may work? She may get up there and easier to get merges. Female Kana if you have her would be a decent infantry dragon you could use. She's faster than most dragons and if you leave her with her a slot fierce stance that could be good. But the ungodly high attack of Raven and Linus are definitely good infantry choices. Galeforce would be an interesting option too!! High attack blues are not coming to mind really..... Delthea? B!Lucina? Nowi is another dragon to try, but I understand you'd potentially want a unit who dances/sings based on who you mentioned before. That's all who really come to mind. If you think of any more please let me know!

Update: I tried to pull on the Heroes with Luna Banner since I had a 4% pity rate and got an extra Karla. So I got the Wrath I need for the ignis build, but maybe I should give even spd wave to someone...... not sure.

Yeah, I realized that Ninian can't run both Infantry Rush & Hone dragon after I posted that. Still, she's a good unit that turns on BoF. Still not sure on the Infantry Rush wielder. I wasn't sol on running just a dancer, but I would really like someone who acts as a dedicated support unit with combat capabilities against at least on archetype, someone like Olivia (murders non-blue armor units). Olivia's also great for long-term merging, but the color redundancy still has me iffy. As for a green unit, I'm definitely a fan of Raven because of the tremendously fast specials off Basilikos and Infantry Rush support, although Fae and Myrrh are great units, and I have a good IV Fae and four or five copies to merge into her.

I think the ideal team would be something like: Tiki (A), Azura/Ninian/Nowi, Axura/Raven/Myrrh/Fae. Of course a dancer is by no means necessary, but their flexibility is off the charts.