If you could, what new hero would you want in the game or alt?

There are so many units in the game so Im just wondering, what kind of new units would you desire on the game or different alts of characters that are already here?

Asked by Gtimah3 months 4 weeks ago


I just want Kliff already... but maybe not in a month or 2 since CYL is about to start soon.
more villains would be cool too

I also might be the only one that really wants Dwyer and Forrest in the game...


by Reya 4 months ago

Saving all my orbs for Owain ;)
I really hope Ranulf doesn't come in before him or I'm doomed...


If it had to only be one, I don't know if I could pick. There are so many.

I like the entire cast from echoes and I would be really happy to have most of them.

There are also quite a lot of units from blazing blade that I would want. The only three characters from that game that would make me go "meh" would be Lowen, Nils, and that one soldier that you can only recruit if you don't meet the conditions for Karel to show up. A Nergal/Morph banner would be sweet.

There are a handful from Awakening as well, but that game has pretty good representation. Would like it if they added Beast stones to Heroes


by Vash 4 months ago

I want Ross and Ewan (especially summoner Ewan with a Summon phantom assist skill), and maybe Shinon and Gatrie. GBA and Tellius era fan. Could also use some solid GHB's like Nergal, Ashnard, Deghinsea, and Petrine. Laguz units would also be kinda cool to have, even if only Tellius dragons.