Just a little idea, now that the askr trio (well, duo more like it) is getting some more development in book III.
One option for them is a new skill added to them somewhere in book III.
So what would make them better? Here's my idea

(Special) Askr's Might: 4cd, does 50% of def as bonus damage and heals for 50% of damage dealt, for a maximum to 75% of max hp

A def scaling Aether that's 'nerfed' by capping out at 75%. Allowing Alfonse to combine sustain and the use of brazen skills and brash assault

(C skill) Askr's devotion: +3 def/res to all allies within two spaces. The effects of bond skills on unit still give a max of 3 to the first two stats noted on the skill, if the unit is not adjecent but is within two spaces of an ally.

A dual drive with a nifty idea:
Having bonds active but weaker when not directly next to an ally. It allows for more flexibility in the player phase

(A skill) Askr's Blade: Sorcery blade + Atk/spd bond

The most simple idea, didn't feel like typing out the skills.
Basicly a way to accually make use out of her weapon.

So what do you think?

Asked by Sir of Coffee5 months ago


by Thisoldworldke… 5 months ago

I don't know Alphonse and Sharena are pretty strong already.
If we're going to go all crazy though:
Anna - Special - 'Anna's trick' - 5CD - If unit's HP > 1 and foe would reduce unit's HP to 0, unit survives with 1 HP. If special activates during combat and unit is adjacent to ally, after combat unit can move again with Noatun's Effects.

Basically Miracle+. Fits with the mystery shop girl behind enemy lines and also would explain whyyy she's some kind of commander or whatever.
'Oh my Axe, let me just...'