I have two Faes

I have two Faes with bad IVs. So, which one is LESS bad?
I’m running a Warding Breath, Lighting Breath (Def), Renewal, Threaten Atk, Quick Riposte set.

The idea was for her to be kinda tank-y, and best with mages. Mostly for enemy phase, like my Nowi.

One has +HP, -Res
The other has +Atk, -Spd

Asked by AnxiousOddish6 months ago


Use the +Atk one. It's actually quite a decent IV. Lower speed makes her able to fire off Aether every fight with Warding Breath, whereas her Atk is very mediocre to start with. -spd doesn't avoid that much less doubles, although +spd would.

IMO, either +Spd-HP or +Def-HP are the optimal sets for her, with +atk-HP and +atk-spd being close behind. But you can just use the current one and merge into a better IV when you pull it. With Fae now available at 3* it won't be long.


Yes in this case, the +Atk one is better.

By the way, I have a +Spd -HP Fae (+9). She has Aether for arena purposes. Should I keep Fury 3 on her, or use Warding Breath?


Warding Breath has a higher so cost which is better for Arena purposes, and if you're going on against magical damage you'll be less likely to break QR.