I feel like running Distant Def 9 on my Halloween Niles. Thoughs?

Asked by DarkMage521 month ago


Depends on if he's +Def/+Res; +Def is better though since it's a superboon. What are the IV's?
On whether you need it or not, that's up to you. if you really want DD9's 43/47 (neutral) for a tanky blue bow unit, then sure. Just make sure that you have at least QR3 on him. Vengeful Fighter is going to be amazing if you want a defensive bruiser for Arena threats like Lyn/Reinhardt. Wary Fighter if going for a full on defense build.
Overall, seems interesting and I would at least try how just Guard Bow is with him, then put VF if necessary.


H!Jakob runs that set better. From my own experience, if you want a unit to be mostly immune to ranged damage, that'd work, but triple distant defense is overkill.

Giga Excalibur will always hit for 7, and both Micaiah can still land KO's with their effective damage. Even under wards.

I've found a balanced set built around Close Counter, Close Def and Guard bow has better results.