-HP +Res vs. +Spd -Atk Elinica

I have the -HP +Res Elincia leveled, but I was wondering if maybe I should just throw on an attack seal on the -Atk one so it would be neutral Attack, +Spd. The only thing being that would take up a seal slot, and if I needed the extra Speed I can just use a Seal.

Asked by That_Marth_Main1 year ago


Ouch, i'd go with the -HP +res. Her Spd already amazing, especially with class buffs. Atk is needed to get the most out of her quads


I happen to have an Elincia at the same ivs. The way i made her work is I built her like a quad unit (aka L&D 3 and Desperation 3) She reaches a sky high 42 speed. And even with atk- her attack is still a very viable 47. If you plan on using her on a flier team the atk- won't even matter. It's all gotta do with how you intend on using her, and what you have available.