How I long for a Flora in Tempest Trials

HP: 36
Atk: 33
Spd: 25
Def: 27

Weapon: Frosted Dagger
Mt: 11
Rng: 2
After combat, inflicts Def/Res -7 on foe through its next action. If unit initiates attack, restricts foe's next-turn movement to one space or less.

Support: Rally Def

A Skill: Patient One 3
If unit's Spd - foe's Spd ≤ -1, Unit will not suffer penalties after combat.

C Skill: Savage Blow 3:

Asked by Wyatt9 months ago


I think It would more interesting if
Hp 33 (still low)
Attack 31-32 ( of course higher than Felicia above 30)
Speed 34-35(very High Speed less then Felicia)
Defence around 21
Resistence 27 ( lower than Felicia)
Her defences might also be the same balanced like 25-25 example. I think flora would be good like a kagero but with Speed High Attack for a dragger
Her weapon i think of frozen dagger or Fire shuriken might 12-13 this weapon afflicted damage based on foe's resistence(work like magic) then It would have panic effect on the target as well grants -5 def and res
B-skills It would have alm skill so She Can Attack Person like Hector and not get damaged plus since It deals magic well jackbot
C-skills i think something similar to brave lyn skills but with Speed debuffing
So She would be unique since she would be an useful user of skill like Phantom skills, since she targeting foe res is Ideal against distant counter especially since they lack res. Not to mention She has a good role in debuffing thank to skill and debuffing and thanks to panic skills. Still since she is a Grand Hero Battle or reward unit she won't be merged a lot and of course no boon and Bane. She would be maybe One of the best dagger in the game since she has good Attack and Speed and eventually like kagero could trade One magic blow still as many dagger She is frails and usually are not incuded in teams still something like this flora might change a Little meta what do you think?