My RNGesus has been smiling on me these past couple weeks, and this morning, I was gifted with my 10th 5-star unit (8th if you don't count the 2 guaranteed seasonal 5-stars) in the form of LA Lyn. She's -Atk/+Def, so I'm thinking about running a CC-Owltome build on her, but I'm kind of at a loss as to what part of her team should consist of.

The decided team members are:
-Brave Bow Halloween Jakob (don't have Bold Fighter for him yet, currently using Wary Fighter, also equipped with Goad Armor)
-Valentine's Ike (built with base kit so far)

This leaves me needing a green armor unit, of which there are a few choices. The following units are 5-stars and do not have a designated team yet:
-Brave Ephraim (built with base kit, potential benefits of doubling up on Armor March and/or Special Fighter)
-Sheena (moderately built upon base kit, superb balanced defenses, but no fancy Fighter skills or DC to give her, has QR2 and Bonfire)
-LA Hector (built with base kit and Ward Armor, and no, I'm not foddering him for Sheena's DC, you maniacs :U )
-Halloween Dorcas (built with base kit but nothing else)
-Halloween Henry (built with base kit, Darting Blow, Desperation, and Iceberg)

In conclusion, the currently planned team has:
-magic-based Enemy Phase unit (Lyn)
-physical Mixed Phase unit (Ike)
-physical Player Phase unit (Jakob)

What should my fourth member be?

Asked by harmoniousalgorithm6 months 1 week ago


by Virdius 6 months 2 weeks ago

I would suggest LA!Hector or B!Ephraim, depending on whether you want the DC. In addition, if you choose Hector, consider giving him vantage (and glimmer if it isn't in his base kit, I don't remember) for a build that tries to OHKO attacking enemies before they hit with the boosted glimmer(/moonbow if you prefer).


by harmoniousalgorithm 6 months 2 weeks ago

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Vantage LA!Hector is a classic, especially since it goes great with Berserk Armads, but my worry is that without Wary Fighter, he'll get doubled too easily and taken out in one round before he can use his wrath-boosted special. I might just be paranoid about that though lmao