Horse Emblem C skill advice (Frederick, Xander, Reinhardt, Camus)

My team is Frederick, Xander, Reinhardt, and Camus.

I have Goad Cavalry on Reinhardt and Camus, and I have Hone Cavalry on Frederick and Xander. Should I add Fortify or Ward Cavalry to Frederick or Xander?

Xander is Def+3, QR2, and Ignis (might switch to Bonfire)

Camus is standard fury+vantage set

Frederick will use a brave axe + darting blow or +atk3

Reinhardt is standard w/ WoM3

Asked by Ronin_300011 months ago


I would give Fortify to Frederick and keep Hone on Xander.
Because Your Frederick uses a Brave Axe so a +6 atk for him is really useful so Xander can give him this bonus and then Frederick would take Fortify by default.

I don't know if my reasoning is good but that's what I would do x)

by Guts 11 months 1 week ago

I agree with the post above me, that Xander gets Hone and Fred gets Fortify. If you have the resources you can also give another hone to Reinhardt, so that everyone in the team gets the hone buff if they are in a square's not a necessary thing, but it's more useful than having 2x goad.

If your Cecilia is a blade tome user then no, she needs to be boost by Hone and Fortify at the same time in order to have a max damage output, you'll need either Camus or Reinhardt to learn Fortify

Which Cecilia do you think would fit better for my team? Gronnblade or Gronnraven? I was leaning towards Raven since it beats colorless.