Hone Dragons?

Don't ask me how, but I ended up pulling 2 Myrrhs in the past few months (probably looking for Boey merges) and it posed me with an interesting dilemma, which I have had on the back burner for a while but recently brought back to light: Do I give the better Myrrh a +1 merge, or should I fodder the worse one off to get the coveted hone dragons on my favorite dragon at the moment: Adult Tiki? My current A!Tiki build consists of her new PRF Breath of Fog, along with Steady Stance, Renewal, and Threaten Attack. Myrrh has her base kit and QR2 because I'm poor. Also factoring into this decision is the new Dragon Emblem I'm planning at the moment with these two, M!Kana, and F!Grima. What does everyone think should be my game plan here? I appreciate any and all suggestions.

Asked by [email protected]2 months 2 weeks ago


Since your running a mixed dragon team, tactics skills would be best. If your on a budget, giving (A) Tiki Hone Dragons is a great option. I foddered a Myrrh recently to do this, and feel it was worth it.