A second Gunnthrá. I got my first one as my third summon on the banner and haven't touched it since. My IVs are as follows:

+Def -Atk
+Spd -Def

So, a few options. I can sack one for that dope C skill, or merge one into the other. I'm likely to fodder one off. With that said, which one do I keep?

I understand she loves that speed boon, but that hit to her defense makes her much squishier than before. And with a super boon in defense, she becomes surprisingly tanky. Hell, I could even sack an extra Tibarn to her, giving her 41 defense before buffs! Not that I find that likely to happen.

Or do I actually merge and make one of those nasty bane's disappear? Weigh in!

Asked by Daily5 months ago